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BFGoodrich All Seasons Tire

Price start from $295.00 + Tax

Light Truck and SUVs / All Season / All Terrain

Benefits of BFGoodrich

  • 20% tougher sidewalls featuring race-proven CoreGard™ technology to take on the toughest road hazards with confidence.1 CoreGard™ technology - Tougher sidewall rubber: Split and bruise resistant sidewall rubber, derived from BFGoodrich®'s race-proven Baja T/A® KR2 tire. Thicker, extended shoulder rubber: Increased rubber thickness, extending down the sidewall to protect more of the critical sidewall failure zone. Advanced deflection design: Computer-predicted object path design deflects protruding objects from snagging and splitting the sidewall.
  • 2X the treadlife on gravel and 15% longer treadlife on asphalt to extend your adventure.2 Specially formulated tread rubber: Optimally blended to reduce chip and tear for superior gravel road endurance. Advanced tire footprint shape: Results in more evenly distributed stress for longer more uniform wear. Interlocking tread design: Increases tread block stability for more even wear over the long haul. Stone ejectors: Prevent stone retention and provide extra tread cleanout protection against stone drilling.
  • 10% more mud traction3 and 19% improved snow traction4: exceeding TRAC severe snow traction performance requirements to confidently get where you want to go. Side biter lugs: Protruding sidewall rubber blocks provide increased mud, snow and rock traction, especially in aired-down driving situations. Mud-buster bars: Raised bars in the shoulder tread area help release compacted mud for enhanced traction in muddy and soft soil conditions. Serrated shoulder design: staggered shoulder blocks that provide greater manœuverability in soft soil and deep snow conditions. Locking 3-D sipes: 3-D active sipe technology provides more biting edges for significantly increased snow traction. Meets Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) requirements for severe snow traction.


Extraordinary Off-Road Performance. What it is: A combination of outstanding off-road traction, robust construction and aggressive aesthetics that provide race-proven performance. Who it's for: 4WD enthusiasts who want the latest in top off-road performance


  • COREGUARD™ Technology
    1. Tougher sidewall rubber compound derived from BFG race proven Baja T/A® KR2 tire*
    2. Thicker, extended shoulder rubber*
    3. Advanced deflection design
    * Compared to current BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A® KO
  • Exceptional Treadlife
    1. Specially formulated tread rubber
    2. Interlocking tread design
    3. Stone ejectors
  • Internal Toughness
    1. Two strong steel belts with one full-with nylon cap ply
    2. Durable bead construction
  • Improved Traction
    1. Side-biter lugs and mud-phobic bars
    2. 3D sipes
    3. 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rating

1265 / 70 / 17 All SeasonsE 121$295.00
2275 / 55 / 20 All SeasonsD 115$325.00
3275 / 60 / 20 All SeasonsD 119$310.00
4275 / 65 / 20 All SeasonsE 126$350.00
5285 / 55 / 20 All SeasonsD 117$420.00
6285 / 60 / 20 All SeasonsE 125$325.00
7305 / 55 / 20 All SeasonsE 121$450.00
8325 / 60 / 20 All SeasonsS 126$430.00
9325 / 60 / 20 All SeasonsSE 126$490.00

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country

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