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Hankook Winter Tire

Price start from $235.61 + Tax

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / High Performance

Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo2 SUV W320A is a winter tyre designed for SUVs. They provide good all-round performance in difficult conditions, resulting in a safe, comfortable and economical driving experience. 

Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo2 SUV W320A has decidedly improved its starting, braking and running on snow and wet roads, compared to its predecessor. Hankook engineers also managed to improve the tyre in terms of braking and driving on dry roads too. It comes with an asymmetric tread, and the inner part shortens the braking on snow and water-covered surfaces, and the outer tread improves stability and driving. 

The strength of the tyre is in the details. Compared to its predecessor, this model has a larger number of blocks, which enables better biting into the snow and traction. 3D-shaped sipes and a greater overall stiffness, increases the stability of the car. In addition, the greater the length, thickness and width of the grooves means better traction on wet surfaces. 

Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo2 SUV W320A is equipped with up to 4 different types of grooves. Criss-cross grooves deliver effective and trouble-free driving in typical winter conditions. Zigzag groves assist braking and 3D sipes deliver stability on slippery surfaces, to prevent skidding. Tread blocks are divided by narrow grooves in order to increase the contact area and cornering ability on wet or snowy roads. 

The Hankook Winter i*Cept Evo2 SUV W320A has a technologically advanced internal structure and the rubber compound of the tyre is based on silica which improves the grip on wet roads, and increases the tyre's resistance to damage. Wide belts improve drivability, and a polyester warp stiffens the sidewall for better stability. An ultra-durable bead makes the tyre stick to the rim and promotes better roundness.

1225 / 65 / 17 WinterH 102$235.61
2235 / 55 / 19 WinterV 105$300.29
3235 / 65 / 17 WinterV 108$240.23
4245 / 50 / 20 WinterV 102$352.26
5245 / 55 / 19 WinterH 103$324.54
6255 / 45 / 20 WinterV 105$330.32
7255 / 50 / 19 WinterV 107$314.15
8255 / 50 / 20 WinterV 109$358.04
9255 / 60 / 17 WinterH 106$254.09
10275 / 40 / 20 WinterV 106$369.59

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country

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