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Falken Summer Tire

Price start from $183.63 + Tax

Light Truck and SUVs / Summer /

The new AZENIS FK453CC is designed to target the growing demand for European-made luxury Crossover vehicles as well as SUVs produced by U.S. and international automakers. The result is a tire that offers higher performance, greater longevity and superb style. The FK453CC boasts a large shoulder block, with a continuous outer rib that provides greater handling and stability. It also effectively reduces tire noise and improves ride comfort. Additionally, the FK453CC is solid in adverse conditions, calling upon its three wide, continuous grooves that effectively evacuate water significantly improving resistance to hydroplaning. Finally, Falken has created a stylish new sidewall design which highlights the Falken "F-Arrow" identity, enhancing the overall look of the tire and complementing the luxury Crossover or SUV.

  • A NEW SILICA COMPOUND for better dry and wet grip.
  • SPECIAL "FALKEN FEATURE" F-ARROW IDENTITY brand new sidewall that enhances the overall look of the tire.
  • THREE WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVES effectively evacuate water and significantly improve hydroplaning resistance for outstanding wet handling.
  • MULTIPLE NYLON REINFORCED LAYERS designed for better high speed stability, plus new optimized casing profile offers better contact with the road for increased handling, particularly in the area of lane change maneuvers.
  • ASYMMETRIC TREAD DESIGN with large outside shoulder blocks, provide enhanced cornering and better braking traction while reducing tire noise.

1275 / 40 / 20 SummerY 106$205.58
2295 / 40 / 20 SummerW 110$183.63
3315 / 35 / 20 SummerY 110$263.33

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country

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