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Falken Summer Tire

Price start from $121.28 + Tax

Passenger Cars / Summer / Maximum Performance

Street Legal Motorsports and DOT Approved Track Competition Tire

Today’s sports cars, compacts and performance sedans are extremely versatile. The tire they ride on has to be the same. The new AZENIS RT-615 offers a world spec construction, featuring an improved motorsports-grade cap compound that effectively maintains grip as tire temperatures increase. In addition, the special 8/32nd molded tread design reduces the new tire’s tread squirm while providing efficient mileage for street use. A solid center rib significantly reduces wheel spin by increasing the tire’s contact patch void ratio under heavy acceleration. Understanding the tremendous demands the AZENIS RT-615 will experience, new proprietary casing design, bead apex and turn-up technology allow for the elimination of heavy steel construction, resulting in an 8% reduction in unsprung tire weight.

In its category, the Azenis RT-615 performs well in wet conditions. 8/32 tread depth and optimized aqua tusk positioning, allows better tread adhesion as it delivers ample wet grip performance. Matched with three high void low turbulence grooves, consistent, and in some cases, increased, wet weather speeds can be achieved as potential hydroplaning tendencies are reduced.

The result: A tough, durable, street-sensible tire, whose 200/A/A UTQG rating, make it a great match for the autocross, time attack, or drift competition.

  • MASSIVE SPORT SIDE SHOULDER BLOCKS deliver motorsports level grip and unsurpassed durability
  • THREE HIGH VOID/LOW TURBULENCE GROOVES increase maximum wet weather speeds and by reducing hydroplaning tendencies
  • SOLID CENTER RIB significantly reduces wheel spin by reducing contact patch void ratio under heavy acceleration
  • OPTIMIZED AQUA TUSK POSITIONING reduces tread squirm while delivering flagship wet grip

1195 / 60 / 14 SummerH 86$121.28
2205 / 50 / 15 SummerW 89$139.76
3215 / 45 / 16 SummerW 86$169.79
4225 / 45 / 17 SummerW 94$190.56
5235 / 40 / 17 SummerW 90$210.21
6245 / 45 / 17 SummerW 99$198.65
7255 / 40 / 17 SummerW 94$217.13
8275 / 40 / 17 SummerW 98$241.38
9295 / 40 / 18 SummerW 103$388.07
10315 / 30 / 18 SummerW 98$500.10

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country

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