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Michelin Winter Tire

Price start from $164.00 + Tax

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance

Winter Traction for Luxury Touring Vehicles. H-rated MICHELIN® Primacy® Alpin® PA3™ tires help deliver a smooth touring ride with efficient wet braking and controlled maneuvers in wintery conditions.

  • Primacy™ Alpin® PA3™ tires offer a 10% gain in acceleration and handling characteristics in snow as a result of more sipe edges biting into snow and ice from 3-D StabiliGrip Technology™ with its bidirectional auto blocking and variable geometry sipes.
  • Increased traction at low temperatures for improved braking and handling in the wet and better overall performance in the snow, all the result of the revolutionary Helio CompoundTM, with sunflower oil. The PrimacyTM Alpin® PA3TM tire stop 5.6 feet shorter than its predecessor on wet
  • Building on the fuel efficiencies of its predecessor, the Primacy™ Alpin® PA3™ tire uses even less fuel thanks to a rolling resistance that has been reduced by 7%.

1195 / 55 / 15 WinterH 85$169.77
2195 / 60 / 15 WinterH 88$164.00
3205 / 50 / 16 WinterH 87$207.89
4205 / 55 / 17 WinterH 95$211.35
5205 / 60 / 16 WinterH 92$194.03
6205 / 65 / 15 WinterH 94$165.15

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country

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