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Price Range $153.58 to $232.54
Limited Stock

Brand: NEXEN

NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 tire is a quality All Seasons tires available in Mississauga and Brampton area. The Price range for NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 tires starting from $153.58 to $232.54 and currently Limited Stock. NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 tires are manufacturer by NEXEN Tires Company. NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 tires are available in various sizes, please contact us for more details.


#Tire SizeTypeLoad IndexSpeed RatingRunflatExtraloadPart NoStatusPrice*
NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 15” inches
1195/55R15 All Seasons85H --15522NXK Limited Stock
NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 16” inches
2185/55R16 All Seasons83H --15521NXK Limited Stock
3195/45R16 All Seasons84V --14741NXK Limited Stock
4195/55R16 All Seasons87V --15523NXK Limited Stock
5205/45R16 All Seasons83H --16409NXK Limited Stock
6205/70R16 All Seasons96H --15677NXK Limited Stock
7225/50R16 All Seasons92H --15352NXK Limited Stock
8225/65R16 All Seasons100H --15118NXK Limited Stock
NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 17” inches
9205/55R17 All Seasons95V --15236NXK Limited Stock
10245/50R17 All Seasons98V --15520NXK Limited Stock
NEXEN NPRIZ AH8 18” inches
11245/55R18 All Seasons102H --15525NXK Limited Stock

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country