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DAI ARC - Gloss Black Machine Face

Available in 15 16 17 18 Inch . Wheels Fit Honda Mazda Nissan Toyota etc

Call for Rim and Tire Package

#Wheel SizeBolt PatternWheel OffsetHub BorePrice*
115 x 6.54/10038 mm 73.10$130.00
215 x 6.55/114.338 mm 73.10$130.00
315 x 6.55/10038 mm 73.10$160.00
415 x 6.55/10538 mm 56.6$130.00
516 x 75/114.339 mm 73.10$150.00
617 x 7.55/11040 mm 65.1$160.00
717 x 7.55/114.341 mm 73.10$160.00
818 x 85/114.340 mm 73.10$185.00
918 x 85/11040 mm 65.1$185.00

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country

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