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SKU: 081633

The Black Widow wheel from RTX is offered in a rich satin black finish and larger diameters (17 to 22 inch) with all the most popular bolt patterns for recent vehicles. With a 10 split spokes design and a recess toward the center portion of the wheel , it gets its name from the spider-like effect it creates.

#Wheel SizeBolt PatternWheel OffsetHub BorePrice*
117 x 7.55/10842 mm 63.4$149.00
217 x 7.55/114.342 mm 73.10$149.00
317 x 7.55/10040 mm 73.10$149.00
417 x 7.55/11242 mm 66.5$149.00
517 x 85/12035 mm 72.60$149.00
618 x 85/114.342 mm 73.10$165.00
718 x 85/11242 mm 66.5$165.00
818 x 85/10840 mm 63.4$165.00
918 x 85/12035 mm 74.10$165.00
1019 x 8.55/114.338 mm 73.10$200.00
1120 x 95/12735 mm 71.5$215.00
1220 x 95/114.338 mm 73.10$215.00
1322 x 9.55/114.335 mm 73.10$265.00

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country

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