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Price Range $135.41 to $233.53
In Stock


MINERVA F205 tire is a quality All Seasons tires available in Mississauga and Brompton area. The Price range for MINERVA F205 tires starting from $135.41 to $233.53 and currently In Stock. MINERVA F205 tires are manufacturer by MINERVA Tires Company. MINERVA F205 tires are available in various sizes, please contact us for more details.

MINERVA F205 Variant

#Tire SizeTypeLoad IndexSpeed RatingRunflatExtraloadSKUStatusPrice*
MINERVA F205 15” inches
1195/45R15 All Seasons78V --MV864 In Stock
MINERVA F205 17” inches
2205/55R17 All Seasons95W --MV978 Limited Stock
3215/40R17 All Seasons87Y --MV986 In Stock
4215/50R17 All Seasons91W --MV938 In Stock
5225/45R17 All Seasons91Y --MV939 In Stock
6225/55R17 All Seasons97W --MV937 In Stock
7235/55R17 All Seasons103W --MV994 In Stock
8245/40R17 All Seasons95W --MV552 In Stock
9245/45R17 All Seasons99W --MV998 In Stock
MINERVA F205 18” inches
10215/35R18 All Seasons84W --MV989 In Stock
11215/45R18 All Seasons93Y --MV872 In Stock
12235/40R18 All Seasons95Y --MV987 Limited Stock
13235/45R18 All Seasons98Y --MV985 Limited Stock
14235/50R18 All Seasons101Y --MV997 In Stock
15245/35R18 All Seasons92Y --MV693 In Stock
16245/45R18 All Seasons100Y --MV999 In Stock
17255/35R18 All Seasons94Y --MV990 Limited Stock
18255/45R18 All Seasons103Y --MV550 In Stock
19265/35R18 All Seasons97Y --MV553 In Stock
MINERVA F205 19” inches
20215/35R19 All Seasons85Y --MV575 In Stock
21225/35R19 All Seasons88Y --MV991 In Stock
22225/40R19 All Seasons93Y --MV882 In Stock
23225/45R19 All Seasons96Y --MV573 Limited Stock
24235/45R19 All Seasons99Y --MV587 Limited Stock
25245/35R19 All Seasons93Y --MV890 In Stock
26245/40R19 All Seasons98Y --MV988 In Stock
27245/45R19 All Seasons102Y --MV551 In Stock
28255/30R19 All Seasons91Y --MV896 In Stock
29255/35R19 All Seasons96Y --MV554 Limited Stock
30255/40R19 All Seasons100Y --MV574 In Stock
31265/30R19 All Seasons93Y --MV555 Limited Stock
32275/30R19 All Seasons96Y --MV898 In Stock
33285/45R19 All Seasons111W --MV992 In Stock
MINERVA F205 20” inches
34245/35R20 All Seasons95Y --MV594 In Stock
35245/40R20 All Seasons99Y --MV887 In Stock
36245/45R20 All Seasons103Y --MV875 In Stock
37255/30R20 All Seasons92Y --MV901 In Stock
38255/35R20 All Seasons97Y --MV577 In Stock
39255/40R20 All Seasons101Y --MV590 In Stock
40255/45R20 All Seasons105W --MV589 Limited Stock
41265/40R20 All Seasons104Y --MV591 Limited Stock
42275/30R20 All Seasons97Y --MV694 In Stock

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country