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OPE FF06 Bronze

Price Range $265.00 to $265.00

Limited Stock (Please call us for availability)

Brand: OPE

OPE FF06 Bronze wheel is a quality summer wheels available in Mississauga and Brampton area. The Price range for OPE FF06 Bronze wheels starting from $265.00 to $265.00 and currently Limited Stock. OPE FF06 Bronze wheels are manufacturer by OPE Wheel Company. OPE FF06 Bronze wheels are available in various sizes, please contact us for more details.

OPE FF06 Bronze Variant

#Wheel SizeBolt PatternWheel OffsetHub BoreFinishMaterialPart NoStatusPrice*
OPE FF06 Bronze 18” inches
1 18 x 8.5 5x10040 56.15 BronzeAlloy Wheel FLOW FORMFF06-703B Call For Availibility
2 18 x 8.5 5x11242 57.1 BronzeAlloy Wheel FLOW FORMFF06-713B Call For Availibility
3 18 x 8.5 5x114.338 73.1 BronzeAlloy Wheel FLOW FORMFF06-717B Call For Availibility
4 18 x 9.5 5x10040 56.15 BronzeAlloy Wheel FLOW FORMFF06-804B Call For Availibility

* Price + Tax, as applicable in country